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How do I switch from iOS to Android?

You've just switched from an iPhone with iOS to an Android device. It would be nice if you can transfer all your data such as contacts, photos, and files in one go. Here, we explain how you can do that in 7 easy steps.

In short

Switch to Android
  1. Download Google Drive on your iPhone
  2. Log in to Google Drive
  3. Go to 'Backup'
  4. Make a backup
  5. Go to accounts on your Android phone
  6. Log in to your Google account
  7. Synchronize your data

Step 1: download Google Drive on your iPhone

Open the App Store on your old iPhone. Next, type in 'Google Drive' in the search bar. Download the Google Drive app by tapping the cloud with the blue downward arrow.

Step 2: log in to Google Drive

Open the Google Drive app and log in with your Google account. Don't have a Google account yet? If so, tap 'Create account' to create one. You need a Google account to switch to an Android phone. You also need a Google account to use various functions of your new Android phone.

Step 3: go to "Backup"

Click the 3 horizontal lines at the top left of the screen. Next, choose "Settings", then click ''Backup''.

Step 4: make a backup

In this window, you can back up various data. Do you want to transfer your contacts to your new phone? If so, click contacts. In the next screen, turn on 'Back up in Google Contacts' by tapping the ball. The option is turned on if the ball is on the right. Repeat this for all data that you want to transfer (your calendar appointments, photos, and videos) and tap 'start backup'. Your data will now be transferred to Google Drive.

Step 5: go to accounts on your Android phone

Now it's time to grab your brand new Android smartphone. Tap the settings icon. Scroll down in the menu that you see and tap ''Accounts''. Please note: we have used a Motorola device for the images on the right. The menu may look slightly different compared to other Android smartphones, but the structure is the same.

Step 6: log in to your Google account

Next, log in to your Google account. To do this, click ''Add account''. In the next screen, choose ''Google''. Next, log in with your Google Account. Do you want your new smartphone to back up regularly? Turn this on immediately in the next screen and tap accept.

Step 7: synchronize your data

Now, click your Google account. In the next screen, choose 'Account sync'. Here, put all the data you want to take with you from your old iPhone. You can do this by tapping the switch on the right-hand side for each item. If the ball is on the right, the Account sync is on for that element. Your new Android smartphone will now import all of this data from your iPhone from Google Drive.

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