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Advice on humidifiers

Choosing a humidifier is not as easy as you initially thought. On this page we help you choose a humidifier that suits you best. In order to come to the right choice, we guide you through a number of steps.

1. Where does a humidifier help?

In the winter the cold outside and the heating inside, for dry air in the house. This reduces the humidity in the house to below the recommended level of between 40 and 60 percent. This can lead to various complaints.

A humidifier can help you with complaints such as:

  • Irritated airways, dry skin and irritating eyes.
  • Concentration problems, headache and hay fever.
  • Fatigue, stuffy nose and static electricity.

Your home can also suffer from dry air:

  • Wooden floors can shrink or tear.
  • Furniture made of leather and wood drying out.
  • Plants and pets can get sick.

2. Which type of humidifier suits you?

There are humidifiers with different techniques. Every technique has its own advantages and disadvantages. Below, we list the advantages and disadvantages for each type of humidifier so that you can easily determine which type best suits your situation.

Ultrasonic humidifier vs. cold water evaporator

Ultrasonic humidifier

Ultrasonic humidifier

An ultrasonic humidifier works with vibrations under water and emits visible mist. Place the humidifier on a table, the mist is better absorbed in the air.

Cold water evaporator

Cold water evaporator

A cold water evaporator sucks the air along a wet element with a fan. This way the water evaporates in a natural way and spreads it through space.

Steam humidifier vs. air washer

Steam humidifier

A steam humidifier heats the water and blows the steam into the room. The steam also warms the room slightly.

Air washer

By using filters or rotating discs in a water reservoir, this device has a moisturizing and cleansing effect.

3. What do you want to use the humidifier for?

When choosing a humidifier, remember where you want to use the device. For example, if you need it for the bedroom, you choose a silent humidifier for small to medium sized rooms. Or do you want to place it in the baby or nursery? Make sure that the humidifier does not blow out hot steam. Do you suffer from allergies, then a humidifier with ionizer or an air scrubber is a good choice.

For the baby room

Humidifier in the baby room

Humidifiers for babies or children are suitable for smaller spaces up to 25m2 and can resolve colds, coughs, and irritated airways. A number of humidifiers have been specially designed for the nursery or children's rooms. They have a nice look, but they're also safe because they don't use hot steam. In addition, they're quiet, which means they're also suitable for use at night.

For your own bedroom

Humidifier for the private bedroom

A humidifier for the bedroom helps you get a good night's sleep. These humidifiers are suitable for smaller rooms up to 25 m2. In addition, these humidifiers are quiet in use so you can sleep through the night quietly.

For the living room

Humidifier for the living room

A humidifier for the living room does not have to be as quiet as in the bedroom. However, he must be able to handle the surface of the room. Humidifiers for the living room are therefore also suitable for medium-sized surfaces between 25 and 60 m2.

For the office

Humidifier for the office

The air humidity in the office is often too low so you can not concentrate as well. A humidifier for the office is suitable for large rooms from 60 m2. In addition, these humidifiers work quietly so you can work quietly.

Against allergies

Humidifier against allergies

Do you quickly suffer from allergies? A humidifier with ionizer reduces these allergic symptoms. Take, for example, an air scrubber with ionization function. This not only humidifies the air, but also purifies it by making viruses and bacteria harmless.

4. How do you keep the air humidity optimal?

There are humidifiers that are equipped with a built-in hygrostat. They measure the humidity and switch on or off when they measure that the humidity is not correct. In addition, there are humidifiers that have a hygrometer. These only measure the humidity but do not act on it. So you have to turn the humidifier up or down. Finally, there are still humidifiers without hygrometer or hygrostat. These are usually simpler models or cold water humidifiers, because they do not need hygrostat.

5. How do you keep the air quality optimal?

You get the best air quality with a humidifier with built-in ionizer or an air scrubber. An ionizer produces negatively charged ions. These attach themselves to dust, germs and bacteria and fall to the ground so you suck them up with the vacuum cleaner. An air scrubber has filters that clean dust, pollen and bacteria from the air.

6. Accessories for an optimal living environment in the home

Have you made a choice? Then there are a number of accessories that help you make the best use of your humidifier. Besides that you can do more with your humidifier, there are also accessories to clean your humidifier. You only use your humidifier for a certain period of the year. If you have not used it for a while, you better clean it first. Especially when there is still water in the reservoir. Bacteria can develop in stagnant water.

Air purifier filters

To get the most out of your dehumidifier, replace the filters after a few months. Many models have specific filters. There are washable filters and replaceable filters. Washable filters are cleaned once every 2 months. Is your space very dusty? Then you should clean it more often. You replace replaceable filters once every 6 months on average. Did you find a hole or a crack before that, or is your room very dusty? Then replace it earlier.


A hygrometer measures the humidity and temperature in your room, but not all humidifiers have a hygrometer. Does your device have no hygrometer? Then you do not know exactly what the humidity in your home is. In that case, purchase a separate hygrometer. You place it in your room and then display the humidity and the temperature. So you see immediately when you need to turn the humidifier harder or softer to achieve the right humidity.

Cleaning agents

Avoid using cleaning agents that harmful bacteria can reproduce in your humidifier. These means keep the water in your humidifier clean and clean the device thoroughly. Only if you clean your device properly will your humidifier continue to perform optimally.

Fragrance oils

Fragrance oils give a wonderful scent in your room. But make sure that the humidifier is suitable for this. You use a fragrance oil in combination with an aroma diffuser or humidifier. A few drops of fragrance oils give your room a wonderful smell. But always check whether your device is suitable for this.

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