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How do I determine the right dimensions for my built-in dishwasher?

When you choose a new built-in dishwasher, it is important that you pay attention to the nismatics of your kitchen. These are the niche height, niche width and recess depth. You also pay attention to the size of your front panel. In this article you will read how to measure this step by step, so that your new dishwasher is guaranteed to fit into your kitchen.

Step 1: measure the niche height

Visual measuring niche height dishwasher

First, you need measure the niche height. This is the space in which you place the dishwasher. Use a tape measure to measure the distance from the bottom of the niche to the top of the niche. Make sure to keep the tape measure tight. If you've measured the niche height, you know how high your dishwasher should be.

Step 2: measure the front panel height

The front panel makes your dishwasher look like your kitchen cabinets. You can apply the panel to the front of your dishwasher. It's important to make sure the front panel of your kitchen fits the front of the dishwasher exactly. If the panel is higher than the dishwasher, you won't be able to open and close the dishwasher properly. There are 2 types of dishwashers with a front panel: fully-integrated and semi-integrated.

Fully vs semi-integrated

Visually measurable front panel of a fully integrated dishwasher


The control panel is on the inside of the dishwasher. The front panel covers the entire exterior of the dishwasher. Measure the height of the entire front panel.

Visually measurable front panel of a semi-integrated dishwasher


The control panel is on the outside of the dishwasher. The front panel doesn't fully cover the front of the dishwasher, but stops at the control panel. Measure the part up to the control panel.

Step 3: measure the niche depth

Visual of the measurable niche depth

Measure the niche depth. Hold the tape measure against the left or right side, and measure the depth from the back to the front of the niche.

Is the dishwasher still in the niche?

If you don't manage to remove your built-in dishwasher from the niche, you should measure the depth of the counter top. Subtract 5 centimeters for ventilation and pipes at the back of your dishwasher. Only determine the niche depth this way if you really can't remove the dishwasher from the niche. There's a larger chance of measuring a depth that's too high or low.

Step 4: measure the niche width

Visual of the measurable niche width

Measure the width of the niche interior. Unwind the tape measure from left to the right side of the niche. The standard width for a kitchen niche is 60 centimeters. Have you got a narrow niche? Chances are that it has a width of 45 centimeters.

Step 5: accurately enter the dimensions into our product filter

Now that you've measured everything, it's important to choose a dishwasher that fits the dimensions, and has the control panel in the right place. This way, you can make sure your dishwasher fits your kitchen perfectly. Keep all dimension ready, and choose the option in our product filter that fits them best. Is the niche height 86 centimeters, for example? Choose the range '85.5cm - 86.4cm'. Select the range that fits your niche height.

Why a range? After all, you've only got 1 niche height.

The installation drawing on the product page shows a minimum and a maximum height for the dishwasher. That's because you can use the legs under the dishwasher to adjust the height of the dishwasher within this range. This way, you can make sure your dishwasher fits the niche exactly.

Do you have an IKEA kitchen?

Do you have an IKEA kitchen? There's a few things that help you see if your dishwasher will fit. We're happy to help you with this.

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