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Printers for your home: what should you keep in mind?

The best printer for home use is different for everyone. Although more and more information is visible on the screen of your smartphone or PC, you still want to perpetuate your colorful travel photographs with detail on paper, or quickly print that flight ticket or a cinema ticket, in case the pixels of your screen are black. To be sure that a home printer meets your expectations, it's a good idea to think about what you need when you print at home before purchasing a printer.

I want a basic printer

basic printer

Do you use a printer only to print very occasionally necessary documents, such as a concert ticket, airline ticket or e-mail? Or to scan your ID card or make a copy? And do you want to print directly from your laptop or smartphone? For a good printer for the home that does what it should do, please note the following specifications:

  • All-in-one printer
  • Wifi functionality built-in
  • Mobile printing with Apple AirPrint or Google Cloud printing

I want a simple printer with multiple functions

simple printer

Print at home and save space with 3 devices in 1 with an all-in-one printer. This prints the boarding pass, quickly scan your passport and copy your notes with one device. Moreover, you can use a handy color screen to determine how you want your prints. And then you want to print that one selfie with your friends neatly for framing. Are you looking for a printer that can do all this, pay attention to these properties:

  • Print speed of at least 4 color pages per minute
  • All-in-one printer
  • Wifi functionality built in
  • Color display

I want to frequently make high-quality prints

good-quality prints

Are you a bit of a perfectionist and do you adjust each printer setting until your prints come out of the printer exactly as you want them? In that case, quality is just as important as speed. If you print a stack of reports and full-color images for school or your hobby every month, you won't want to wait any longer than necessary, of course. A high printing speed is what you need, and duplex printing saves time and the environment. Check if your printer has the following features:

  • Print speed of at least 7 colored and 9 black-and-white pages per minute
  • Duplex printing
  • All-in-one printer
  • Integrated WiFi functionality
  • Color display

I want detailed and colorful photos

printing photos

A color printer for home to print your panoramic travel photographs or the snaps of a birthday party, of course you want to put colorful and detailed on paper. List quality photo prints and show them proudly to family and friends. Make sure that your photo printer has the following specifications:

  • Has a photo black cartridge for extra gloss and deeper black values
  • Minimum print resolution of 4,800 at 1,200 dpi
  • Has a separate photo paper tray


printing using own brand

Home printers use ink cartridges: capsules filled with ink. That ink is sprayed on the paper under high pressure. Each cartridge can print a certain amount of pages, which differs between black and color ink. The page yield is indicated for each cartridge. That way, you know how much you can approximately print in advance.

Note that the cartridges included with your printer, are starter cartridges. These are for trying out the printer and don't contain much ink. Normal cartridges from the manufacturer contain more ink. Want to have cartridges sent to your home quickly and more cheaply? HP offers different ink replacement services that let you save up to 70% on original HP ink cartridges thanks to HP Instant Ink.

In addition to original cartridges, you can also opt for own brand cartridges. These are refilled cartridges that are manufactured for less money and contain more ink than original cartridges. You can print more at a lower price and you won't notice a difference in quality.

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