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How do I reset my Synology NAS?

You might've forgotten the login credentials for your NAS or want to reset the configuration to the factory settings. There are 2 ways to do this The step-by-stap plan below explains when to use which method.

Before you start

**What reset methods are there?**There are 2 ways of resetting your Synology NAS. A so-called soft reset and a hard reset. When doing a soft reset, you only restore the NAS's user account and network settings. When doing a hard reset, you delete the entire operating system, and you'll be able to set up the NAS again.

What should I pay attention to?* Make sure you have a pen or paper clip handy.* You won't lose any data during either of these setup methods. However, it's always wise to back up your data.* Make sure your NAS is on and ready for use. This is indicated by the LEDs on the front of the NAS. The LED on the on/off button should be lighting up in blue and the status LED in green.

Soft reset

Resetting an NAS

** reset the user account and network settings **1. Use the paper clip or pen to hold the reset button on the back of the NAS for about 4 seconds. Release the button when you hear a beep.2. The NAS now starts again. Wait until you hear a new beep. As soon as you hear the beep, the NAS is ready to be used again.3. Open http://find.synology.com in an internet browser. For example Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Internet Explorer. Use a computer connected to the same network.4. Set a new password for your account.5. Follow the further steps on the screen and you can use your NAS again.

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