Written by Laurence

Is my TV suitable for a CI+ card by Telenet?

Want to watch digital TV from Telenet without a separate media box? If so, it's important that the television is Telenet-certified. This means that the CI+ module of the device is suitable for a Telenet smart card. In this article, I'll explain how you can quickly check this.

Before you start: check the product page

TV suitable for Telenet

The specification 'CI+ module certification' can be found on the product page of each television. If this specification mentions 'Telenet', the TV is certified. The next steps are only necessary if you want to check a TV that's not in our product assortment.

Step 1: go to the Telenet page

Telenet page

Copy the following link, paste it in the address bar of a new internet window, and press enter.


Step 2: find your TV

Search for Telenet TV

Click on the brand of your TV. You will see a list of all TVs that are suitable for Telenet. Fill out the type number of the TV in the search bar above the list. If you have the Samsung UE40MU6100, you fill out UE40MU6100. If your TV is on the list, this means the TV is suitable for Telenet.

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