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What is a condenser dryer?

A condenser dryer is relatively fast thanks to the high drying temperature. This makes your laundry dry faster. A disadvantage is that condenser dryer uses a lot of energy. This is because the dryer works with a heat element. Here, we'll explain what a condenser dryer is and how it works.

Disadvantages of a condenser dryer

Condenser dryer: energy consumption
  • High energy costs.
  • Your laundry wears faster.
  • Not as good for the environment.

Advantages of a condenser dryer

Condenser dryer: quick
  • Your laundry dries faster.
  • More affordable.
  • Drain via reservoir or water drain.

How does a condenser dryer work

Condensation drain hose dryer

A condenser dryer works with a heating element that gets hot. Because of the high temperature, your laundry dries quickly. This also means that the dryer uses a lot of energy and your clothes can shrink or wear faster. The moisture from your laundry flows to a condensation tray you have to empty regularly. Do you have a water drain and do you want to flush the moisture automatically? Choose a condenser dryer you can connect to the drain. If condensation drain hose isn't included, buy a hose separately.

Good condenser dryer

Drum dryer

If you're looking for a condenser dryer, pay attention to the build quality. If a condenser dryer mid-range build quality, it generally lasts longer than a basic model. Make sure the dryer has a stainless steel drum, so that the drum doesn't rust. If it has a humidity sensor, the dryer stops automatically when your clothes are dry enough.

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