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What is a full-frame camera and why should you choose one?

A full frame camera is an SLR or mirrorless camera with a full frame sensor. This allows you to take sharp photos in low-light situations. Another advantage of a full frame sensor is that no image is cropped. We'll tell you more about full frame cameras and what benefits these cameras offer you.

What is a full-frame camera?

Full-frame camera

A full-frame camera is a camera with a full-frame sensor. This is an image sensor that's the same size as the sensor of an analog camera. The biggest advantage of a full-frame camera is that it has no crop factor. Crop factor means that the image is cut out because the sensor is too small to capture the entire image. You can do this with a full-frame camera.

What image quality does a full-frame camera offer?

Image quality

A full-frame camera can have the same number of megapixels as a camera with a smaller sensor. Because the number of pixels in a full-frame camera is spread over a larger surface, though, the pixels are larger. As a result, they capture more light and make the sensor more sensitive to light. In general, this allows you to take a clear and sharper photo with a full-frame camera, even in dark situations.

What else does this camera have to offer?

More to offer

Because a full-frame has no crop factor, your lens actually has the image angle that's promised. A 50mm lens on a full-frame camera also has a 50mm image angle. On a camera with an APS-C sensor, the image angle is reduced to 33.3mm. In addition, a full-frame sensor has a smaller depth of field than other sensors. This makes it easier to detach your subject from the background. This is useful in portrait and macro photography, for example.

What should I pay close attention to?

Lens mount

When buying a full-frame camera, you need to pay attention when purchasing lenses. Not all lenses fit on a full-frame camera. A lens for a full-frame camera needs a full-frame lens mount. If you put a lens on it with a smaller mount, the edges of the sensor are not fully exposed.

When do I choose a full-frame camera?

Choosing a full-frame camera

A full-frame camera ensures that you get the entire image in the photo. That means the image angle in which you photograph is larger with a full-frame camera. For example, if you want to use the full image angle of your wide-angle lens, choose a full-frame camera. In addition, a full-frame camera is more light sensitive. This makes this type of camera very suitable for taking clear and sharp photos in dark situations. Of course, all this comes has a hefty price tag.

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