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What are ruggedized smartphones and tablets?

A ruggedized smartphone is dust and waterproof and can also take a beating. As a result, these devices are suitable for extreme conditions such as a construction site or an outdoor adventure. With a rugged case, you can also make your non-rugged smartphone or tablet resistant to drops and bumps. In this article, we'll tell you more about our rugged smartphones, tablets, and accessories.

Rugged smartphones

What is a rugged smartphone

Ruggedized smartphones are built to survive extreme conditions. The screen, the casing, and the interior of these devices remain intact if you drop them from several meters high. On top of that, the devices are dust and waterproof. Even on the construction site or during an outdoor adventure, the device will remain intact. Some devices even work when you operate them with gloves on. Most rugged smartphones are focused on basic use in terms of specifications. You can't use them to play demanding games or take professional photos.

Rugged cases for smartphones

Rugged smartphone case

A ruggedized case ensures your non-rugged smartphone can withstand extreme conditions. This way, your phone will be suitable for work and for personal use. Thanks to cutouts for buttons and connectors, you can keep using the device when it's in the case. Make sure you close the cover properly after charging, otherwise the case is longer dust and waterproof. On top of that, these rugged phone cases always offer fall protection up to a height of a few meters.

Rugged covers for tablets

Ruggedized cover tablet

Ruggedized tablets aren't available at the present time. With a rugged tablet cover, you can make sure your tablet can still survive a fall. A full-body cover provides the best protection for your tablet or iPad. These rugged covers protect all sides of your tablet from damage. The screen protectors built into some full-body covers also protect the screen and make your tablet dust and waterproof. Not every cover is dust and waterproof, so take a good look at this before you buy a cover. With a back cover, your screen will still be vulnerable, while a book case doesn't protect the sides optimally.

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