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What is a wide-angle lens and why should you choose one?

A wide angle lens is a lens with a wide angle of view. This allows you to effortlessly photograph a tall building, or a vast landscape. Even large subjects easily fit within your image frame. There are different types of wide angle lenses. We'll tell you more about the different types and explain what you use them for.

What is a wide angle lens?

What is a wide angle lens

A wide-angle lens is a lens with a large viewing angle. With this, you can capture a broad image. This property is possible thanks to a wide-angle lens and short focal length. The focal length determines how long the distance is between the sensor and the lens and how wide the angle of view becomes. The focal length is expressed in millimeters and the viewing angle in degrees.

What types of wide-angle lenses are there?

types of wide-angle lenses

A wide-angle lens therefore has a short focal length and a large viewing angle. Generally, a lens up to 24mm is called a wide-angle lens. There are wide-angle lenses that have a fixed focal length. You can only take wide photos with this. Although 24mm is the standard for a wide-angle lens, the focal lengths for this type of lens vary widely. Wide-angle lenses are also available with a variable focal length. You can zoom with these lenses, so you can make both wide and zoomed images.

What do you use a wide angle lens for?

use wide angle lens

If you want to take a lot of photos, shoot with a wide-angle lens. The wide viewing angle makes it easier to get everything in view. This is very useful for landscape, urban, and interior photography, for example. A wide-angle lens is not suitable for portrait photography. The wide angle of view distorts the edges of the image, giving a face a crazy shape. Sometimes the distorted edges give a nice effect to your photo.

When do I choose a wide-angle lens?

choice wide angle lens

You choose a wide-angle lens if you want to get a lot of pictures. Due to the short focal length of a wide-angle lens, you have a large viewing angle at your disposal. The only drawback of such a large angle is the distortion of the edges. But this effect fits well with landscape and city photography. Select a wide-angle lens with a fixed focal length if you only want to make wide-angle images. Select a wide-angle lens with zoom if you want to use more types of photography.

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