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Wireless printing options

There are plenty of ways to connect or control your printer wirelessly. This makes the printer flexible in terms of placement, because you can send print jobs from any location within the range of your Wi-Fi network. There are even options to access your printer from locations outside your Wi-Fi network. We have explained the most common ways below:

Apple AirPrint

printing from iphone

If you have Apple equipment with a network connection, then it is possible to send print jobs wirelessly. Make sure that the printer is (wirelessly) connected to the network and that Wi-Fi is enabled on your Apple device. From various applications on your Apple device it is now possible to select 'Print' in the menu and send a print job to the printer wirelessly.

Google Cloud Print

google cloud print

With Google Cloud Print you can send print jobs from any device with a network connection to a printer with or without a (wireless) network connection. If your printer is suitable for Google Cloud Print, you only need to link the printer to a Cloud Print account to get started. If your printer is not Google Cloud Print Ready, you can still use Google Cloud Print. However, you have to go through a number of extra steps. On the special Google Cloud Print page you can find out if your printer is suitable and how you can set this up.

E-mail print

e-mail printing

If your printer supports e-mail printing, it is possible to send a print job to your printer from anywhere in the world. The printer then has its own e-mail address that you can access from any e-mail address. The printer prints the text in your e-mail including the attachments directly for you. Of course it is possible to secure the e-mail address to prevent any unwanted print jobs.

NFC print

nfc printing

This technique uses the NFC (Near Field Communication) technology. This means that your printer has an NFC chip. If your smartphone or tablet also has NFC you can quickly and easily send a print order by simply contacting this NFC chip on your printer. In order to use NFC you often have to install the print application of the relevant printer brand on your smartphone or tablet.

Wi-Fi Direct

print with wifi directly

With Wi-Fi Direct it is possible to connect without a modem and / or password between the printer and another device with Wi-Fi. This makes it possible to easily send print jobs to the printer from a distance. When a printer has Wi-Fi Direct, your smartphone, tablet or laptop automatically detects the printer, so sending a print job becomes a piece of cake.

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