Coolblue Home Office Store

You get a personalized Coolblue portal.
You choose the assortment and the budget.
All products are delivered for free the next day.

Coolblue Home Office Store

Taking care of business.
You get a personalized Coolblue portal.
You choose the assortment and the budget.
All products are delivered for free the next day.
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Coolblue Home Office Store

With a protected, personalized portal, the home offices of your employees will be furnished in no time. All products, from office furniture to monitors, are in stock and get delivered for free the next day. Your employees can easily order the products themselves and you'll receive one clear invoice every month.

What is a Home Office Store?

With the Coolblue Home Office Store, you can easily provide your employees with an ergonomic home office. We'll take care of the logistics and delivery and provide the quality you can expect from Coolblue. A Home Office Store can be built within 2 weeks.

What are the advantages?

  • Employees can order the necessary products for a home office easily and quickly.
  • Large assortment of office furniture, monitors, peripherals, and more.
  • All products are in stock and get delivered for free the next day.
  • You can choose the assortment and the budget yourself, or ask for advice from our experts.
  • Employees don't have to pay for anything themselves.
  • You receive one invoice with a clear overview. Nice and easy.
  • Our Customer Service is available for your employees every day until 23:59 for questions or advice.
  • You'll think it's a shame that you can't show your Home Office Store to the rest of the world.

Everything on the Home Office Store

Fiscal advantages

We'll tell you all about the fiscal advantages of facilitating a home office.

Installation service

You can have the home office set up by our certified installers.

All advice articles

All of our advice articles in one place. You can read the advice articles here.

Frequently asked questions

We charge one-time startup costs based on the number of employees, the duration, and the amount of CoolblueCredit made available. We're happy to tell you more about this.

Employees can only use their Business Credit for products that are included in the assortment you've selected. This way, you know for sure they can only order products that contribute to an ergonomic home office.

We've made an example of a Home Office Store. That way, you can get a good idea of what a Home Office Store for your company would look like. You can request a demo without obligations.

The most popular products are desks, desk chairs, monitors, peripherals, and audio.

No, there's not a minimum number of employees that gets access to the Home Office Store. Based on your situation and the number of employees, we'll find a suitable solution. We're happy to tell you more about this.
Questions For a friend.
Questions For a friend.

Experiences with a Home Office Store

"We chose Coolblue because of their large assortment, fast delivery, easy-to-reach customer service, and high service level."

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Read about the experiences

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More information about the Home Office Store? Request a demo without obligations

We're happy to tell you all about the possibilities our Home Office Store offers. You can request a demo without obligations. Our experts will contact you via phone within 1 working day.

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