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5 reasons why you need a humidifier

You're wondering: what does a humidifier do, actually? Well, about 60% of the human body is water. Imagine what would happen to your body if the house you lived in literally dried out? That's right, ailments and other trouble. With a humidifier, you'll keep the humidity in your house at a healthy level, to prevent such inconveniences from happening. We'll give you 5 reasons why you need a humidifier in the house.

1. Dry skin, eyes, and lips

Dry skin, eyes, and lips

You keep putting balm on your lips, drops in your eyes, and you can't get enough bottles of body lotion, but nothing helps for long. No cream or eye drops can beat a healthy humidity in the house. A humidifier keeps the humidity in the house steady, meaning you won't be bothered by dry skin or stinging eyes as quickly, or at all.

2. Coughing and sneezing

Coughing and sneezing

A living environment that's too dry is often the cause of a persistent tickling cough or an irritated respiratory system, too, since dry air negatively affects mucous membranes, causing your nose, throat and airways to feel irritated. A humidifier can cure that tickling cough caused by dry air.

3. Concentration problems

Concentration problems

A humidity that's too low can even cause concentration problems. That's annoying, for example, when you're working from home. For children who need to do their homework, too, it's important that they should be able to concentrate well. That's another reason to place a humidifier in the house.

4. Furniture & musical instruments

Furniture & musical instruments

Wooden furniture and especially musical instruments are valuable belongings. You'll want to keep them in good condition as long as possible. What low humidity is doing to your skin, it's also doing to wooden furniture and musical instruments. The wood in furniture will shrink, change shape and eventually tear. Pianos and string instruments will even go out of tune. Take good care of your furniture and musical instruments by keeping the humidity in the house steady.

Don't forget your pets


Healthy humidity matters not just to you, but to your pets as well. It keeps your cat's, dog's, or rabbit's fur nice and shiny. Make sure not to purchase a steam humidifier when you have pets who walk through your house unrestrained. It blows out hot steam, which can burn your pet. An air washer is very suitable for a household with pets. It both cleans and humidifies the air.


Recognize the inconveniences described above? In that case, the humidity in your house is probably too low. When choosing a humidifier, make sure it's suitable for the number of square meters. Want more advice on humidifiers? Look at our advice page. Figured out what type of humidifier is good for you already? Check out our assortment of humidifiers.

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