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How do I reset my Apple iPhone?

I just bought a new phone, yay! Now, I want to sell my old iPhone. Without my apps and files. So, I'm going to reset it. I'll tell you how to do this step by step, so you can easily reset your iPhone yourself. It will take about 5 minutes.

In short: how, what, with what?

What am I going to do? Resetting my iPhone.
What devices can you use this explanation for? Every iPhone with iOS 7 or up.
How long does it take? Following these instructions and resetting my iPhone will take about 5 minutes.
What do I need? My iPhone, at least 60% charged?
Do I need to prepare? I want to use my apps and files on my new phone, so I'm going to make a backup. Want to know how? Read an article on how to make a backup.

Why would I reset my iPhone?

There are several reasons why I could want to reset my iPhone. Reason 1 is selling it: if someone else buys my phone, that person doesn't want my settings, apps, and files. I've also reset my device to free up space, because the phone got slower and slower. In that case, I can choose to only delete the settings, so that my apps and files are still on the device. Below, we'll tell you how to reset your Apple iPhone.

Step by step: Resetting my iPhone

Step 1: Make sure your device is charged

Charging your iPhone

Before I start resetting my iPhone, I charge it. I make sure it's at least 60% charged, so it won't run out of battery halfway through the process. If I don't want to wait to reset my iPhone, I can reset it while it's in the charger.

Step 2: Open 'Settings'

Open iPhone settings

You can reset your phone via the settings. I can open those by clicking the icon with the gray gear wheel.

Step 3: Swipe down

Swipe down on the Apple iPhone

To get to the Settings to reset my iPhone, I use the search function in Settings. That way, I can go to the screen I need directly. The search bar appears as soon as I swipe down.

Step 4: Type 'Reset' in the search bar

Reset in search bar on Apple iPhone

As soon as I start typing a word, my iPhone shows all the setting screen options related to my search entry. To get to the settings to reset my phone, type 'Restore'. I can see the option 'Reset all settings' appear right away.

Step 5: Click 'Reset all settings'

Reset settings Apple iPhone

To reset my iPhone, I have to go to 'Reset all settings'. That's why I click this option as soon as it appears.

Step 6: Click 'Remove all content and settings'

Remove content and settings on Apple iPhone

I'm now in the overview called 'Set up again'. I can find all kinds or restorative options for my iPhone. I want to delete all settings from my phone, so I choose 'Remove all content and settings'.

Step 7: Enter the access code of your device

Enter access code on Apple iPhone

To reset my iPhone, I have to enter the access code of the device. That's not my iCloud account password or my SIM card's pin code, but the access code of the device itself. You use this code - in addition to the fingerprint scanner - to unlock the phone. I enter the code and press 'Done'.

Step 8: Click 'Remove iPhone'

Remove iPhone

The option to remove everything from my iPhone now appears. To do so, I click 'Remove iPhone'.

Step 9: Click 'Remove iPhone' again

Remove iPhone

Apple has added an extra security step. That's why I get the question 'Are you sure?' I'm sure, so click 'Remove iPhone'.

Done! Your iPhone has been reset.

After clicking on 'Remove iPhone' for the second time, the Apple logo appears, with a bar underneath it. That means that the phone is already deleting my data. This will take a few minutes. As soon as my iPhone is ready, it will be reset to factory settings, and all my apps and photos will be been deleted. Before I sell the phone, I still have to take my SIM card out of the device.

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