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Navigation without Internet

Als je ergens de weg niet weet, is het makkelijk om je smartphone als navigatiesysteem te gebruiken. Navigatie-apps op telefoons werken via internet. In het buitenland wil je waarschijnlijk liever geen internet gebruiken, omdat je dan een hoge telefoonrekening krijgt. In dit artikel leggen we je uit hoe je met je smartphone navigeert zonder internetverbinding.

Navigation apps without Internet

Er bestaan allerlei navigatie apps voor op je smartphone. De meeste apps zijn ook zonder internetverbinding te gebruiken. Je downloadt de kaart(en) of route die je nodig hebt op het moment dat je nog een wifi verbinding hebt. Vervolgens hoef je alleen de locatie van je telefoon aan te zetten, zodat de app weet waar je bent. Navigeren zonder internet is dus mogelijk, maar vergt wat voorbereiding. Het nadeel hiervan is dat je geen toegang hebt tot actuele verkeersinformatie.

Google Maps

Google Maps

Google Maps is a widely used navigation app on smartphones. Downloading maps is easy: you click on the 3 bars next to the search bar. In this menu you choose 'offline maps'. Here you can see an overview of the maps you have saved and add new maps. You choose how large the area you want to store. Google Maps indicates how much space the card occupies. After a month, saved maps are automatically deleted.



Waze works slightly differently from other navigation apps. Planning routes works in the same way, but the traffic information is generated differently. Users of the app report traffic situations, which you then see appearing on the app. Waze no longer needs an internet connection once you have planned the route. Once you close the app, it will forget your route and you will need an internet connection again to plan a new route. You also do not have access to the traffic information without an internet connection.


Sygic uses the maps from TomTom. This makes the app a reliable navigation tool. The app also keeps track of traffic information, including speed camera warnings. For other functions, such as displaying the maximum speed and spoken navigation, you must purchase the premium version of the app. Because you download the map of a country, you use the app offline. The disadvantage is that the app takes up a lot of space on your phone.


Here we go

HERE WeGo is a useful app if you want to navigate not only in the car, but also on foot, by bike or by public transport. Via the 3 bars next to the search bar you indicate that you also want to use the app offline. Via 'download maps' you download the map of the continent in which you want to navigate offline. You also have a large coverage offline, but these cards take up a lot of space on your phone.


Navigating without internet is possible, it only requires some preparation. You download the map or route that you need before your trip, so that you no longer need an internet connection during your trip. The disadvantage is that you do not receive current traffic information. Do you not only travel by car, but also by bike, on foot or by public transport? Then pay attention to which app you use. One navigation app is more suitable for this than the other.

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