Advice on projectors

When choosing a projector, keep in mind what you want to use it for and mind the different specifications there are. These include light output, resolution, and projection distance. In these advice articles, we'll explain the most important properties and help you connect the projector.

Choosing a projector

Choosing a projector

In these articles, you'll find more information about important specifications. For instance, the light output determines how bright the projection will be, and a 4K projector offers the sharpest resolution currently available.

Placing the projector

Placing the projector

Placing your projector determines the size of the projection. Functions like lens shift or keystone projection let you adjust the position or angles of the projected image. Read all about it in this article.

Usage situations

Usage situations

There are projectors for different usage situations from gaming to giving presentations in large halls. We'll tell you which specifications to look for for each situation.

Help after purchase

Projector help after purchase

The first time you're hooking up a projector, it might seem a little complicated. You need to consider the different connectors and the settings on your PC or laptop. We'll gladly help you get the setup done, and we'll share useful tips that will help you get more from your projector.

Expert reviews

Expert review projectors

Are you considering buying a projector, but would you like to know more about the product? Then read these reviews. Our experts test the most important features, such as image quality, settings, and the connection and placement options.

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