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How do I upgrade the warranty of my business laptop?

The guarantee on a business laptop can be upgraded in many cases. The biggest advantage of an upgrade is that you'll get it back faster when something happens. That's a valuable addition to anyone who uses their notebook daily and can't go without it.

Different warranty types

Before we discuss the way you can upgrade your warranty, it might be a good idea to clarify what warranty types there are.

Onsite next working day warranty

On-site warranty icon.

This is the warranty I recommend for business use of a laptop. Did your laptop break? An expert will visit you at the office or at your home to solve the problem the next day. They'll bring a replacement laptop, if on-site repair is not an option.

  • Repaired the next working day *

Pick up and return warranty

Pick up and return icon.

This warranty ensures that you don't have to go to the post office to ship your broken laptop. A courier will come pick up your notebook by appointment, usually the next working day. They'll also bring it back as soon as it's been repaired.

  • Average repair time 3 to 7 working days *

Carry-in warranty

Carry-in warranty.

This is the standard warranty. In other words: if your laptop is broken, you have to make sure that it ends up with the person who's going to fix the problem.

  • Average repair time 10 working days *

Upgrades, how do they work?

HP Care Pack packshot.

At the moment, a warranty upgrade is only possible for HP business laptops. You can purchase this improved 3-year warranty via a so-called Care Pack. The suitable Care Packs can be found in the bundles and next to the recommended accessories on the product page.

You can also buy a Care Pack after purchasing your laptop, but there are some conditions. As long as your laptop is still in the standard warranty (usually 1 year), you can buy a Care Pack. However, the start date of the Care Pack goes back to the date your laptop was purchased.

For example: If you buy a 3-year Care Pack for a laptop you purchased 11 months ago, your Care pack will be valid for 2 years and 1 month.


The extended warranty is only valid from the moment your Care Pack is registered. At HP, a Care Pack must be registered within ten days of purchase. To do this, you need your contact details and the serial number of the laptop you want to use your Care Pack for. You can find the Terms and Conditions of the HP Care Packs here.

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