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What are the different fresh zones of a fridge?

There are 3 different types of fresh-keeping zones for refrigerators: a 0-degree zone, a fresh zone with an adjustable temperature and a fresh-keeping zone with adjustable air humidity. The 0-degree zone is more suitable for meat and fish and the adjustable air humidity for vegetables and fruit.

0-degree zone

0-degree zone fresh zone

A 0-degree zone is, as the name implies, a fresh zone tray where it is always 0 degrees. Due to the low temperature, meat, fish and vegetables stay fresh 2 to 3 times as long as in a fresh-keeping zone. Vitamins stay longer and in the cold, bacteria are less likely to multiply. This prevents you from throwing away your unused food at the end of the week.

Adjustable temperature

Adjustable temperature for fresh zone

For vegetables and fruit you ideally want a slightly higher temperature than 0 degrees. If you have a fresh zone where you can adjust the temperature, the drawer can easily be adjusted to what's in it at that moment. Do you have a lot of meat and fish, then you lower the temperature, around 0 degrees. Do you have fruit and vegetables, then you put the temperature around 2 degrees.

Adjustable humidity

Adjustable humidity of the fresh zone

With a crisper drawer tray with adjustable air humidity, you can easily adjust the humidity level in the zone. This ensures that fruit and vegetables stay fresh longer. Vegetable usually needs more humidity than fruit. Peppers and other vegetables remain crunchy and do not ripple quickly. Cheese and meat also have a longer shelf life and retain more flavor.

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