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What's optical image stabilization in your smartphone?

For the best quality for smartphone pictures and videos, you should choose a smartphone with optical image stabilization. In this article, we'll explain why, and we'll tell you the difference between optical and digital image stabilization.

Optical image stabilization, what is it?

Simply put, image stabilization ensures pictures and videos are sharp and stable even if the camera is moved. There are two types of imaze stabilization: optical and digital.

Optical image stabilization when taking pictures

Optical image stabilization smartphone

The thing you notice most about image stabilization, is that pictures don't get 'blurry' as quickly. You know, when your picture looks vague because you didn't keep your hand still, for example. Move your phone, and you'll see how the movement is compensated for on screen. Another example of optical image stabilization when taking pictures, is that the shutter can remain open for longer. This means the sensor receives more light, which lets you take better pictures in poorly lit environments.

Optical image stabilization when recording videos

In the video below, Ferdinand will show the influence optical image stabilization has on recording video (starting at 1:52). A video recorded with a phone with optical image stabilization is far more stable. This makes these videos far more enjoyable to watch than videos made without optical image stabilization. The image is far less shaky, which means it's a lot easier on the eyes.

OK, but what should I choose?

Of course, the question is which option suits you best. A camera with optical image stabilization always yields the best results when it comes to picture quality. Do you want to take the best possible pictures and make the best videos? Choose a smartphone with optical image stabilization. This will make your videos a lot more stable and more pleasant to watch. If you occasionally take a picture, optical image stabilization has little added value. You might as well choose a device that doesn't have this.

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