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What is a recirculation range hood?

A recirculation range hood filters the air in your kitchen and blows it back into the room. Handy when you don't have an exhaust air outside. Keep in mind that a recirculation range hood is less powerful than an ventilation system range hood. You can read what a recirculation hood is, how it works, and what the disadvantages are.

How does a recirculation range hood work?

Recirculation range hood

A recirculation range hood sucks up the air, filters it, and blows it back into the kitchen. This makes the air circulating. Hence the name 'recirculation range hood'. The hood has carbon filters in it. Carbon has the property by nature to absorb dirt. When the cooker range hood sucks up the cooking air, the carbon filter absorbs dirt and odors from the air. This cleans the air, and the range hood blows it back into the room.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a recirculation range hood?

  • ** Is suitable for kitchens without an external exhaust**

The range hood filters the air. This makes it suitable for kitchens without an external exhaust.

  • ** You have to change the carbon filters regularly **

When it comes to a recirculation range hood, the carbon filters absorb the dirt from the air. At a certain moment, they become saturated and you'll have to replace them. For what period of time you can use a filter, depends on the type of filter, how often you use the range hood, and what you cook. A normal filter lasts 6 to 8 months average.

  • ** It removes less odor **

A recirculation hood filters about 85 to 90 percent of the odors from the cooking air. As you use the filter for a longer time, the effect will deteriorate and odors will linger faster.

  • ** It's more noisy **

Because of the the filter, the range hood produces more sound. This is described in the product specifications on the product page on our website.

** It has less suction power**

The suction power isn't that strong if you use the range hood as a recirculating range hood. The suction reduces by 20 to 30 percent if you don't use the range hood with an air exhaust.

What are the different kind of recirculation hoods?

You buy a recirculation hood usually as an air exhaust hood. You must then make it suitable for recirculation by placing a filter. In some cases you have to convert it with a recirculation set. The product page shows which of the two ways you can make the product suitable for recirculation.

How do I install a ventilation system range hood?

Recirculation set

You can convert your range hood with a recirculation set. Those differ per brand and they're specific per product. Buy a set that suits your product. The recirculation set is basically never included with the range hood, so you'll have to order it separately. After you've installed the set, you only have to replace the filters regularly.

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