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Affordable laptops: what you should keep in mind

You want to buy an affordable laptop. How do you avoid buying a lemon? With our tips, you'll easily find the most affordable and best laptop for you.

In short

What should you keep in mind when looking for an affordable laptop? We have 2 simple tips for you:

  • Be realistic about your budget when buying a new laptop.
  • Why not compare new laptops to our Second Chance laptops?

What can you expect from an affordable laptop?

  • Price up to 600 euros
  • Standard build quality
  • Not very fast
  • Suitable for simple tasks

Be realistic about your budget

A new laptop of up to 600 euros is, according to us, among the cheap laptops. Everyone wants a laptop with Intel Core i7 processor, SSD drive and IPS panel for only 100 euros. That is too good to be true, so be realistic in your budget if you're looking for a cheap new laptop. However, if you are looking for a laptop with which you want smooth photo or video editing or gaming, then you need at least an i5 or i7 processor. And for that you have to feel something deeper in the pouch.

Up to 300 euros

Two laptops side by side.
  • Intel Celeron or Intel Atom processor
  • Up to 64 GB Flash or SSD
  • Entry models and Chromebooks
  • Especially 11 inch laptops

300 to 400 euros

Two laptops side by side up to 400 euros.
  • Intel Celeron, Intel Pentium or AMD A6 processor.
  • Hard disk up to 1 TB or SSD up to 256 GB
  • HD Ready display
  • Lots of Chromebooks

400 to 500 euros

Two laptops between 400 and 500 euros side by side.
  • AMD A8, Intel Celeron, Intel Pentium or Intel Core i3 processor
  • Hard disk up to 1 TB or SSD up to 256 GB
  • 11 up to 17 inch display
  • Full HD display

500 to 600 euros

Two laptops between 500 and 600 side by side.
  • AMD A9, Intel Core i3 or i5 processor
  • Especially laptops of 14 or 15 inch
  • Hard disk up to 1 TB and / or SSD up to 128 GB
  • Suitable for light and simple photo editing

A Second Chance laptop

Going for Second Chance? When looking for an affordable laptop, it's worth considering purchasing a Second Chance laptop. If a laptop is also available as a Second Chance, you'll be told on the product page for the laptop you're interested in. On that page, you'll also see what state the Second Chance laptop is in. Depending on the state of the Second Change laptop, there can easily be a difference of a 20 or more bucks compared to the original purchase price of the same laptop in new condition.

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