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macOS Mojave: first impression

Mojave is the latest version of macOS. You pronounce this new macOS version as: Mohave, named after the California desert. So it's not very surprising that the new desktop background is a desert. It is nice to know where the Mojave name comes from, but the question is much more important: what is new? I'll tell you. And I can already tell you, it's a lot!

Dark mode

Perhaps the most striking and visible change in macOS is the 'dark mode'. We had been familiar with a dark menu bar for a while, but the rest of the window was just light. In macOS Mojave there is now a completely new dark mode. Light colors are made darker which makes it a lot more pleasant for my eyes in the evening. Do you like the dark mode? Then I can also choose to switch this mode on during the day. The dark mode applies to the entire operating system. All built-in apps on Mac work with this new mode. Of course, other developers can also ensure that their apps support this mode. And suppose I really can't get used to it. Then I just use the old familiar light display.

Dynamic desktop

Dynamic desktop

In the evening hours I switch on the new dark mode because it is more comfortable for my eyes. But the light also changes during the day, for example the switch from morning to afternoon. For that there is now the dynamic desktop. This desktop works based on time and location. Just as the sun rises and sets, the shadows on my desktop always adjust. As the sun sets completely, the full dark mode switches on.


macOS Stacks

If you have looked at the Keynote where macOS Mojave was announced, you probably won't have missed this word: Stacks. Stacks, or 'Stacks' is a new handy feature of macOS. With Stapels I clean up my messy desktop in one go. I don't do this manually, but files are automatically arranged for me by categorizing them into logical groups. What are logical groups? Well, for example, files classified by type such as images, PDFs, etc. Or files classified by date or added tags. Find out in macOS Mojave how you prefer to organize files.

Quick view

MacBook fast display

One of the most practical functions of macOS is the 'Quick View'. I select a file, press the space bar and I see a preview of the file. Normally I quickly view the contents of a file in this way, but now in macOS Mojave I can even edit these files in 'quick view'. I edit these files without having to open the app. For example, I rotate an image or shorten a video file. And when I'm done, I just share the file from the quick view. Super handy.


MacBook screenshots

Another feature that I use every day on my Mac is to make a screenshot. In macOS Mojave there are new options for creating a screenshot. As soon as I activate the usual key combination Cmd-Shift+4, a new bar appears with which I indicate what screenshots I want to take. For example, I indicate whether or not I want to see the mouse cursor and where I want to save the screenshot. I even have the option to set a timer.

Continuity camera

MacBook Continuity Camera

Sending a photo or document to my Mac from my iOS device is now very easy. With Continuity Camera I view photos from my iPhone or iPad directly on my Mac. How? On Mac, I choose 'insert from your iPhone / iPad' in the 'Change' menu. Now I take a photo or scan on my iPhone and it immediately appears on my MacBook. This function works in Mail, Notes, Pages, Keynote and Numbers, among others.

New apps

MacBook Dictaphone app

Apple iOS and macOS work increasingly closely together. An example of this is the Continuity Camera where a photo that I take appears directly on my Mac. In macOS Mojave, 3 iOS apps are now available for the first time on a large screen in macOS. The first app is Shares to track shares. The second app is Home to now control all my HomeKit accessories in my smart home on my Mac. The latest app is Dictaphone to record personal memories, interviews, musical intervals etc. on my MacBook.

And more...

MacBook new design Apple Store

Did you think this was it already? Then you are wrong. This is just a selection of the new possibilities of macOS Mojave. For example, what else is new?

  • I have a FaceTime conversation with no fewer than 32 people
  • A new App Store with a better look and better content, focused on everything I do on my Mac
  • Display metadata of a file in the preview panel
  • Better privacy and security such as better control about my data, automatic strong passwords and improved tracking prevention
  • More questions to Siri because Siri is getting smarter
  • Easily add emoji to my Mail Now install macOS on your Mac and find out what all the new possibilities are. You will be amazed how much it is!

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