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How do I create a local account in Windows 10?

You use Windows 10 and want to add an extra local account. Because your brother of girlfriend is going to use your laptop or computer as well, for example. I'll explain how to do this below.

What do I do?

  • First of all, you have to have a personal account. You can add it when you're setting up the Windows PC/laptop.

  • Click the Start button, at the bottom left of your screen.

  • Type Add people and click the Add, edit, or remove other people.

  • Click Add someone else to this PC under the header Other people.

  • Enter a user name, password, and password memory aid.

  • Click Next to add the account to Windows 10.

Now what?

The account you just added will get the rights of a standard user by default. This means the user of this account can't install programs or make changes in Windows.

If you want this account to receive full rights, follow the steps below.

Optional: change account type

  • Click the account you just created.
  • Select Change account type.
  • Under Account type, click the box saying Standard user and select the Administrator option.
  • Click OK.


You've added a new local account and given it administrator rights. If you restart Windows 10, you can log in with this new account.

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