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Sander promotions

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You're looking for an interesting sander promotion. Quite right, why pay the full amount if the sander of your choice is currently offered at a lower price? The overview with sander offers consists of all types of sanders. From delta sanders for the smaller and more detailed sanding jobs to belt sanders for working on entire floors. Determine in advance which type of sander you need to carry out the planned jobs.

Battery | Delta sander | 18 V
30,- discount 197,94 167,94
Delivered tomorrow
Our choice for corners and edges for the devoted DIYer (power grid) | Grid current | Delta sander | Sanding speed fast
Delivered tomorrow
Battery | Eccentric sander | 18 V
10,- discount 164,94 154,94
Delivered tomorrow
Our choice for corners and edges for the devoted DIYer (cordless) | Battery | Delta sander | 18 V
Temporarily sold out
Grid current | Belt sander | Sanding speed fast
Delivered tomorrow
Grid current | Delta sander, Multi-sander, Sheet sander | Sanding speed very fast
Delivered tomorrow
Grid current | Eccentric sander | Sanding speed fast
Delivered tomorrow
Grid current | Narrow belt sander | Sanding speed very fast
Delivered tomorrow
0 / 5 stars
0 reviews
Battery | Eccentric sander | 12 V
Delivered tomorrow
Grid current | Sanding roller | Sanding speed fast
Delivered tomorrow
Grid current | Sheet sander | Sanding speed normal
10,- discount 263,98 253,98
Delivered tomorrow