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How do I choose a business monitor?

Your monitor is one of the most important parts on your desk. That's why it is important that a monitor meets a number of requirements. For example, an ergonomic sitting posture is important and you don't want to have strained eyes after a long day. We help you choose the business monitor that best fits your work.

Choosing a business monitor

Man working on a business monitor

At first glance, business monitors are quite similar. Each monitor is rectangular, stands on a stand, and shows the image of a computer. There are different monitors for different usage situations. Which suits you best?* I want a monitor for administration, finance, and data analysis* I want to monitor 2 for administration, finance, and data analysis* I want a monitor for image editing and graphic design* I want a monitor for programming, development, and editing* I want a monitor with extra screen space

Administration, finance, and data analysis on 1 screen

Administration and ICT

A business monitor makes your work just a little more comfortable. It does this with a blue light filter, which reduces eyestrain and headaches. In addition, a business monitor is adjustable in height, which ensures an ergonomic working posture. Do you have a wide range of activities, from updating your email to data analysis and from managing agendas to accounting? If so, a 22 to 25-inch monitor is the most common and relatively affordable.

Administration, finance, and data analysis on 2 screens

22 to 25-inch monitors are particularly suitable for a dual screen setup. This provides more screen space and increases effectiveness. This way, you can easily work in 2 spreadsheets at the same time. Or open Powerpoint on one screen and your research results on the other screen to avoid having to switch windows all the time. An extra screen is also useful for your mailbox or work chat. You don't have to leave it for the price, because of the relatively affordable screens.

Image editing and graphic design

Professional graphics editing

For professional graphic design, photo and video editing, and CAD applications, you need a business monitor with a large size, high resolution, and detailed color reproduction. Consider, for example, a 4K resolution and an IPS or VA panel. Also note the color coverage of your new monitor. For photo editing, you need 100% Adobe RGB coverage, for digital design 100% sRGB. Do you edit videos? If so, choose Rec 709 or DCI-P3. This way, you can see nuanced color gradients, create complex designs, and retouch on a detailed level.

Programming, development, and editing

Programming and development

Do you often work with long pieces of programming code or long pieces of text? If so, a monitor with pivot function, or portrait mode, is very handy for the office. The screen can be rotated 90 degrees, so that you work in a vertical position. This makes it easier to browse software from top to bottom. These monitors are also equipped with a blue light filter and are height adjustable. For extra screen space, choose a monitor that is 27 inches or larger.

Lots of extra screen space

Business ultrawide monitor

To easily work with multiple windows next to each other, many people opt for a setup with 2 screens. But have you ever thought of an ultra-wide monitor? An ultra-wide monitor has a third more screen space than a regular monitor. Super ultra wide even has double the amount of space. This is as much screen space as a two-screen setup, with no distracting screen edge in the middle. This way, you can quickly copy the data from one sheet to another or you have extra space for your editing tools.

Ordering a large number of monitors?

Do you want to order multiple monitors, for example for an entire department? Check out our business monitor page for B2B. You can also call 010 79 88 969 directly or email

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