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Help, I can't decide: Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy?

In this article, we'll list the most important differences between Apple and Samsung smarphones for you.

Operating system

The main difference between an iPhone and a Samsung smartphone is the operating system: iOS and Android. Each has its pros and cons. Simply put, iOS is easier to use and Android is easier to adjust to your needs. We'll tell you how that works below.

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iOS: simple but boring

iOS is easy to understand. Other than that, only Apple can check changes and apps in the App Store in advance. This way, they guarantee a certain degree of quality. Because Apple also manufactures the hardware, the software and hardware are completely in tune. This means you almost always have a smooth user experience with iOS. The disadvantage is that iOS always looks the same. You can't place widgets or customize app icons.

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Android: more personal, but also more complicated

Because Android has more customization possibilities, it takes a little longer to master this operating system. The advantage is that your Android can cater to your taste. If you want a certain widget on your main screen or other icons for your apps, you can do that. Phone manufacturers are free to adjust the look and feel of Android. As a result, Android can look different on a Samsung device than on a Sony or HTC.

Range and prices

The range of iPhones and Samsungs is quite different. If you choose an iPhone, the choice is limited to a few models. If you choose a Samsung, you have plenty of choice. If you choose an iPhone, you know you're set for a few years. If you choose a Samsung, it depends on which model you choose. More affordable models quickly become outdated, which makes them work less well. That's a problem you don't have with more expensive models.

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Various iPhone models

iPhone: little choice and pricey

If you choose an iPhone, the choice is limited to a handful of models. In terms of price range, they're in the middle to upper segment. Unlike Samsung, Apple doesn't offer smartphones in a lower price range. In other words: if you want an iPhone, you're gonna need a fat wallet. The most expensive models are over € 1000. They can't do much more than the five or six hundred-euro models. The difference is in the size of the screen and the storage capacity.

Various Android models

Samsung: lots of choice and for every budget

The range of Samsung smartphones is large and versatile. From affordable to expensive, from simple to extensive. The large number of devices is an advantage, but the additional disadvantage is that not all devices are suitable for all purposes. You can use the most affordable Samsung phones to call, text, and use the Internet, but they're not suitable for other purposes. When purchasing a Samsung it is important to check how you want to use the device and what models suits your needs.


The higher price of iPhones can partly be explained by the quality of the phones. The devices are made of high-quality materials and have high quality finishes. The same applies to the more expensive Samsung models. The cheaper Samsung models tell a different story. The expensive models are made of glass and metal, where the cheaper models are mainly made of plastic.

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Front iPhone

Glass and metal

Apple uses glass and metal to make their iPhones. Apple has an eye for detail and delivers premium products. You can feel and see it when you hold an iPhone: the device feels luxurious and high-quality. This means that iPhones also last a relatively long time. Another advantage of the iPhone is that both the device and the software are produced by Apple. As a result, the two are completely in tune and guarantee a smooth user experience.

Front Android

From plastic to premium

Until 2015, Samsung phones were always made of plastic. The build quality was fine, but it did not feel very luxurious. That all changed with the introduction of the Galaxy S6. This model is made of glass and metal, and has a premium look that Samsung never had before. Since the Galaxy S6, the top models of Samsung are beautifully finished phones made of high quality materials. This only applies to the devices in the higher price range. If you go down in price, it's plastic all around.

Conclusion: the best decision is..

..an iPhone. No, a Samsung. In all honesty, we can't make that decision for you. Ask yourself the following 3 questions before you buy a new phone:

Price If you're in the lower price range because of budget and requirements, the choice is easy: Samsung. Just because Apple has no devices in that segment. when you're in the middle and upper segment, it's a different story.

Other devices in your home It's wise to look at other devices you use. Do you have a MacBook, an iPad and/or an Apple TV at home? In that case, an iPhone is the most logical choice. All devices will be in tune. Do you have a Chromebook, Android tablet and/or a Chromecast? You'll be better off with a Samsung smartphone for the same reason.

What are you used to? Nine out of ten times when someone decides to switch from one brand to another, they can't get used to the new brand. If you have an Android phone now, a Samsung will feel familiar. If you're going to buy a smartphone for the first time, perhaps an iPhone is the best choice. Simply because it's easier to master and the device will last a long time.

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