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5 tips to free up storage on your phone

You know the feeling: you're about to make a World-Press-Photo-worthy picture, only to get the 'Storage almost full' notification. Argh, no picture and frustration galore. Fortunately, there are some easy ways to free up storage on your phone, so you can make that award-winning photo after all.

Tip 1: have a critical look at your photos and videos

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Photos and videos take up more storage than you know. Have a critical browse through your photos and videos. Depending on the size of the files and how much you remove, you can free up hundreds of MBs to GBs this way. Do you have an iPhone and are you removing photos from the Camera Roll? They'll be moved to the 'Recently deleted' folder and will still take up memory.

Tip 2: do you really use all the apps you've got on your phone?

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Apps are really handy, but they take up a lot of storage as well. Have a look at all the apps you've got installed and ask yourself if you really use them all. No? Remove them. Removing apps may quickly free up several hundreds of MBs to several GBs of storage. Another tip is to remove an app that uses a lot of storage, Facebook for example, and reinstalling it. This way, you empty the cache, which frees up storage.

Tip 3: clean up WhatsApp.

Whatsapp data

WhatsApp, another silent storage bulk consumer. Are you in a lot of group conversations where fun photos and videos are shared every day? That'll start counting quickly, too. I'm in a group that has already used up 1.12GB of storage myself. You can separately remove photos and videos in a group, but if you think that's too much work, you can also remove the entire chat. In that case, you'll start with a clean slate.

Tip 4: move your music.

Smartphone music

Do you have music on your phone? Chances are this takes up a lot of storage. Move the music from your phone to your memory card to free up memory. Don't have a memory card in your phone? Consider a music streaming service like Spotify. You can use these to listen to your music online, so you don't use any storage on your phone. You'll need an data plan for this. Did you download playlists? They'll be on your phone, which takes up storage.

Tip 5: use online services

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This especially goes for photos, videos, and music. There are quite a few options to save files 'in the cloud'. Apple has iCloud, Android has Google Drive. Both services have a free starter model that provides you with a certain amount of online storage capacity. Upload your files in the cloud so you don't have to store them on your phone. Are you a serious user, consider paying for more capacity. That saves you a lot of trouble.

Need more storage capacity?

Did you try everything and do you still have too little storage capacity? You could look for a smartphone with more storage.

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