Advice on landline phones

When we discuss a DECT phone, landline phone, or home phone, we mean a phone that you can use to call via a landline. Which phone suits you best depends on the demands you have. On this page, you'll find advice and answers to FAQs about landline phones.

Help with your decision

Advice on landline phones

Our assortment consists of various types of landline phones. Apart from home phones, we also have business phones and senior citizen phones, for example. Since the models differ in handsets and functions, we're happy to help you make your decision.

Explanation of specifications

Explanation of landline phone specifications

VoIP, DTMF and FSK: a number of difficult landline phone specifications that require some extra explanation. In our articles, we'll tell you exactly what these specifications mean.

General help after purchase

General help landline phones

Need help configuring or connecting your landline phone? Our experts are happy to help you with their advice. From general advice that applies to any phone to the explanation on specific functions: you can read it here.

Help per brand

Gigaset Panasonic support

Want to know how to configure the handset on your Gigaset phone? Or are you curious about call forwarding? Read our articles on Gigaset support.

Business phones

Business landline phones

A business landline phone needs to meet more demands than a home or senior citizen phone. Think, for instance, of a high-capacity contacts menu, VoIP, and an answering machine. In the article below, we'll help you with your choice and explain difficult specifications.

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