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How do I solve problems with my laptop's touchpad?

Oops, your laptop's touchpad stopped working. Don't panic immediately, the solution might be easier than you think. Follow the steps below, and with a little bit of luck the problems with your touchpad will be a thing of the past.

Solution 1: Check if Windows has crashed

To rule out whether the problem is in your touchpad, first check if Windows has crashed. Press the Windows key on your keyboard and see if the start menu appears on your screen.

  • Is that not the case? That means Windows has crashed. Press and hold the power button for about 10 seconds to turn off your laptop. After your laptop has restarted, the problem should be fixed.

  • Does the menu appear? That means Windows hasn't crashed and we can quickly move on to solution 2.

Solution 2: Locate the touchpad button

Some laptops have an actual button above or next to the touchpad. Useful if you want to temporarily deactivate the touchpad, but pretty annoying if that's not your intention. In modern laptops, left out more and more. Instead, you often have to use the Fn key (next to the Windows key) in combination with 1 of the F-keys.

Try locating the touchpad button on your laptop and press on it. If your touchpad still doesn't work, continue to the next step.

Solution 3: Disconnect external devices

Disconnect all external devices that are connected to your laptop. A mouse or trackball can sometimes turn off the touchpad automatically.

Reconnect external devices

If the disconnection of your external devices didn't help, you're free to reconnect it. In fact, we even recommend this for the next steps. It's easier to navigate through Windows with a mouse.

Solution 4: Check the mouse settings

Now that we can rule out that the problem is caused by external devices, it's time to check the mouse settings.

  • Click the Start button at the bottom left of your screen.
  • Next, click Settings, which is the gear icon.
  • Click Devices.
  • Now, select Mouse and touchpad.
  • Check if the slider under Touchpad is on. If not, switch it on by clicking it.
  • Test if your touchpad works. Doesn't it? Proceed to step 5.

Solution 5: Check the driver

Chances are something is wrong with your mouse driver. It's advisable to check your drivers, and possibly update them.

Solution 6: Have your laptop repaired

Did none of these solutions help? Chances are your touchpad is broken. In that case, we recommend you have the touch pad repaired externally. You can often have it repaired at your local computer store. If your laptop is still within the warranty period, it's wise to contact the store where you bought the laptop. Often, broken touchpads are covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

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