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How do I solve problems with my laptop's keyboard?

Having trouble with your laptop's keyboard? Keys that don't respond well or don't respond at all? Fortunately, there are ways to solve this. Keep reading to know how.

Solution 1: clean your keyboard

The biggest cause of keyboard problems is dirt. Often, crumbs or other food residues are hidden under the keys. Turn your laptop upside down and shake it; it'll surprise you how much dirt comes out.

If a specific button does not work (properly), it's an option to whip it off using a flat screwdriver or a small knife. Be careful not to damage the button. Once it's off, clean the part under the button with a damp cloth.

Solution 2: restart your laptop

No matter how cliché it is: restarting your laptop solves for practically all problems, including this one. Often, restarting your laptop resolves strange errors.

Does your mouse or trackpad malfunction so you can't switch off your laptop like you normally would? Press and hold the on/off button for about 10 seconds.

Solution 3: Check the driver

If the physical methods do not offer a solution, it is time to look for the problem in the software camp.

Chances are something is wrong with your keyboard driver. It's therefore advisable to check your drivers and possibly update them. The best option is to uninstall the keyboards via device manager and afterwards restart the laptop. This way, the laptop automatically downloads the drivers again and the keyboard should be functioning properly again.

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