Ecocheque betaling mogelijk
Ecocheque betaling mogelijk

Plaatsing in keuken
Plaatsing in keuken Explanation

Geschikt voor nishoogte
Geschikt voor nishoogte


Type oven
Type oven Explanation

Capacity Explanation

Interior dimensions: height
Interior dimensions: height Explanation

Interior dimensions: width
Interior dimensions: width Explanation

Internal dimensions: depth
Internal dimensions: depth Explanation

Maximum oven temperature
Maximum oven temperature Explanation

Oven function types
Oven function types Explanation

Preparation quality
Preparation quality Explanation


Bereidingsfuncties Explanation

Recommended for type of food
Recommended for type of food Explanation

Cleaning method
Cleaning method Explanation

Height Explanation

Width Explanation

Depth Explanation

Interior lighting
Interior lighting Explanation

Steaming function type
Steaming function type Explanation

Control options
Control options Explanation

Controlled via app
Controlled via app


Safety turn-off
Safety turn-off Explanation

Suitable for IKEA METOD kitchens
Suitable for IKEA METOD kitchens Explanation

Suitable for IKEA FAKTUM kitchens
Suitable for IKEA FAKTUM kitchens Explanation

Review score
Review score

Coolblue's Choice
Coolblue's Choice Explanation

Second Chance
Second Chance Explanation


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In your search for a new oven it is important that you know whether you need a built-in oven or a freestanding oven. If you often heat up things, opt for a combi oven. This also has a microwave function. Do you think healthy food is more important? In a steam oven you prepare vegetables while maintaining vitamins and structure. Do you want to bake faster? Then choose a hot air oven. Here, meals warm up faster and more evenly.

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