Advice on headphones

Choosing headphones is a personal matter. If you want to compare the right headphones, you first need to determine what you want to use them for. Are you looking for a pair for on the go or do you want one for your home? Once you know the goal, you can learn more about the specifications that make the headphones suitable for your usage goal. We'll help you on your way on this page.

Help with your decision

Help with choosing headphones

In these articles, we'll explain what to consider when choosing headphones. We'll highlight the most important usage situations and explain the relevant specifications. This gives you a better idea of which headphones you need.

Important specifications

Noise canceling

Once you know what you want to use the headphones for, you'll obviously want to know which specifications are important. Our experts will explain how the different technologies work. You'll learn what you need to consider, so you can choose the best headphones for you.

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