The best gifts for fathers

There are many fathers, but your dad is the best of course. To help you find the best Father's Day gift, we've created several Father's Day categories. You know, papa proof. Which category suits your father best?

Handyman dads

Electric drill

Handyman dads love getting to work and are only satisfied when the job is done. With these tools, work is finished faster and they have more time to think about what else can be done in and around the house.

Tech-loving dads


Our tech-loving dads are completely up to date. They're always online and read your messages from their smartwatch. An empty battery is their biggest nightmare. A power bank or wireless charger always comes in handy.

Chef dads

Airfryer Coolblue

For good food, you have to go to Chez Papa. These chef dads love to spend hours in the kitchen. Here, you'll find everything to take his cooking skills to an even higher level.

Music-loving dads

Headphones Coolblue

These fathers are known for their listening ear and love to sing along. With these products, your father can enjoy his music all day long.

Personal care dads

Personal care Coolblue

Does your dad always look great? Or is there still room for improvement? Here, you'll find everything for your father, from subtle hints to additions to their stash of care products.

Just-something-different dads

Laptop bag

Some fathers don't ask for anything, but like to be surprised. We give you a few ideas, so you'll score anyway.

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