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Can I pay online with EcoCheques?

No, unfortunately that isn't possible. You can pay with EcoCheques in our Belgian stores.

Which products can I pay for with ecocheques?

At Coolblue, you can pay for all eco-friendly products and Samsung and Huawei phone and tablets repairs with EcoCheques. Go to the product page to find out if you can pay for a product with EcoCheques. There should be an EcoCheques icon with the green leaf. Products that don't have the label can't be purchased with EcoCheques.

For more information, view our special EcoCheque page.

Can I still use my EcoCheques now that the energy label changes?

Yes, you can still use your EcoCheques to purchase energy-efficient products. Washing machines, fridges, televisions, and dishwashers have a new, stricter energy label since 1 March 2021. We've automatically adjusted our website so that you can visit this page and find all products that qualify for EcoCheques.

Can I return or cancel a product that's payed for with EcoCheques?

You can return your product within 30 days. Returning a product paid for with EcoCheques? We won't refund you in money, but give you shop credit. Use it to purchase the same, or a different, EcoCheque product. Only our Customer Service can redeem shop credit. Contact us if you want to order something, or to redeem the amount.

Can I pay with EcoCheques?

Yes, you can pay with EcoCheques for a selection of environmentally-friendly products. We temporarily only accept the paper versions of Edenred and Sodexo, not the electronic versions.

How can I pay with EcoCheques?

You can pay with EcoCheques in our Belgian stores.

Large products (such as washing machines, fridges, freezers, and dishwashers) can be ordered in our stores and paid for with EcoCheques. We'll plan a free delivery appointment right away as well. You can place small EcoCheque products (such as smart lights or thermostats) in your online shopping cart. Choose the option to pick up your product in one of our stores. Pick up the product and pay for it with your EcoCheques.

If your EcoCheques don't fully cover the purchase price, you can simply pay with cash or debit card. You can read more information on our special EcoCheques page.

Can I also pay with another type of check?

Yes, Coolblue accepts EcoCheques and a paperConsumption Pass. You can read all information about EcoCheques on our special EcoCheque page. You can't purchase products with another type of check, such as Ticket Compliments, gift cards, or sports and culture checks.

Can I pay with Consumption Passes?

In our stores, you can pay with paper Consumption Passes from Edenred or Sodexo. You can't pay online with them, unless you choose 'Pick up in store' during checkout. You can then pay with your checks at the checkout.

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