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You can't do that yourself, but our customer service can. Please contact us.

We set up a couple of guidelines.

Examples of good images:

  • Photos taken with the product, for example with your smartphone or camera.
  • The product in action, such as your food processor in the kitchen or your smartphone in your hand.
  • Remarkable details, such as the control panel of your camera or the inside of your backpack.
  • Explanatory screen shots of the settings of your laptop, for example.

We don't post any images if they're:

  • Irrelevant images.
  • Offensive or explicit images.
  • Poor quality or files that aren't in JPEG or PNG format.
  • Files larger than 16MB.

If you've bought a product, we'll email you instructions to write a review about it. There's also another way. You can go to orders in your account, click 'view order', and then 'write a review'.

Note: the review you write has to meet our review guidelines.

We manually approve every review before we place it on the website. In our review guidelines, we'll explain what you have to think about when you write a review.

For this, the same review guidelines as for a regular review apply.

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