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As soon as we've processed your cancellation, we'll refund you. The time it takes for a refund to appear on your bank account depends on you payment method.

  • Bancontact: within 3 working days
  • Credit card/PayPa: the reservation is cancelled within 3 days
  • Bank transfer: you don't have to pay anymore. Did you already pay? We'll refund it within 3 working days.

Place your products in your shopping cart with the green button. If you use your My Coolblue account, the process will be extra fast because we already know you. Don't have an account? You can still order from us, of course. You'll just have to enter some more information.

Contact our [Customer Service] 1 to adjust the name or address of your order. You can also cancel your order yourself in your My Coolblue account, in your order overview. You can only do that if your order hasn't left our warehouse yet.

You can easily cancel it in My Coolblue. You can only cancel if your order hasn't left the warehouse yet. Was your order already shipped? You can refuse it at the door or return it for free via the online return form.

Yes. We won't transfer the money back to the gift card, but we'll put it in your account as store credit.

You can easily register your return via the online return form.

You can return your product within 30 days. Returning a product paid for with EcoCheques? We won't refund you in money, but give you shop credit. Use it to purchase the same, or a different, EcoCheque product. Only our Customer Service can redeem shop credit. Contact us if you want to order something, or to redeem the amount.

Did you move, or did you order something that's being sent to the wrong address? Tell us. In case of a move, it's easy to change your address in your Coolblue account. Have you made an order already? Tell our Customer Service. We'll check whether we can still change the address of the shipment.

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