You can do this easily and quickly via the [online return form] (

If your product breaks within the warranty period and it's a manufacturing defect, the repairs are completely free. Even if the defect is your own fault, we can help you. You'll have to pay in that case, though. We can't indicate the costs in advance. We'll examine your product, make a quote, and wait for your decision before we start the repair.

You can register the repair easily and quickly via the [online return form] (

  1. Register your return via the online return form.
  2. Prepare your product for the return trip:
  • Pack the product well. You don't have to use the original packaging.
  • Ship the product in a Coolblue box or another box that closes well.
  1. Print your shipping label or write the freepost and return number on the box. You can find it in the email we sent you.
  2. Send the package to us for free via:
  1. Sit back and keep an eye on the status via My Coolblue.

You can pay for smartphone and tablet repairs with EcoCheques if you have the repair carried out by CoolblueRepareert. You can find this repair service in our store in Wilrijk. First, check if CoolblueRepareert can repair your device. Take your EcoCheques to the store in Wilrijk at the time you chose and pay for the repair with EcoCheques.

You'll receive a quote if the repair service has determined that the defect was caused by user damage. You can choose from 3 options:

  1. You agree to the quote. The product will be repaired. In most cases, you'll have your product back within 2 weeks of agreeing to the quote.
  2. You don't agree to the quote, but you do want your product back. You'll have to pay €39,95 in research costs and you'll receive your product back.
  3. You don't agree to the quote and don't want the product back. You won't have to pay research costs, and the product will be destroyed in an environmentally friendly way.

You can turn to us for your repair both inside and outside the factory warranty. Once your warranty expires, you have to pay for the repair.

  • Did your product break within 30 days of purchase? You can get a refund or exchange your product for a new one;
  • Did your product break after 30 days with normal use and within the warranty period? In that case, it's a manufacturing defect and the repair is completely free of charge. We'll make sure the repair won't take more than 3 weeks;
  • You can also ask us to repair products outside the factory warranty. You'll have to pay for those repairs, though. We'll examine your product and make a quote. Based on that, you can choose whether you want your product repaired or not.

You can easily and quickly register the repair yourself via the online return form.

This depends on the specific product. We offer different solutions for small products and large products.

  • __ Most products__ can be returned to us. Pack up the product and send it to us via a bpost point in your area for free or go to one of our stores.
  • In case you want to have a __ large product__ repaired, such as white goods, a technician will come so your appliance doesn't have to be moved.

__ Do you want to know if a technician is going to come by? __ We'll always let you know via email after your product has been registered. In addition, you can find out what type of warranty you have on the product page of your product, under "specifications". Does it say "On-site service"? A technician will come by.

Use a sturdy box. This doesn't have to be the original packaging. You can often get a free box at the supermarket, or buy a box at the post office.

Print your shipping label or write the freepost and return number on the box. You can find them in the email that you've received from us.

You can follow the status of your repair via My Coolblue. We'll also keep you informed via email at least once a week. If the repair is going take longer than 3 weeks, we'll solve the issue in a different way. We'll inform you about this, of course.

That differs per product and problem. But we always make sure the repair takes no more than 3 weeks from the moment you receive the confirmation that we've received your product.

If we can't repair the product, or if it takes too long, we'll solve it for you in a different way. We always check if we can send you a new version of your product. If the product isn't in stock, you'll get shop credit so you can find a new product.

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